MuveSpace Community
MuveSpace Community

Reconnect with Movement. Together!

Move better with integrative training and community.

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About You.

You know the "fitness" industry has become obsessed with superficial goals like body image and health hacks.

You understand the importance of nourishing mental, spiritual, and community wellness with physical health.

You seek to be empowered with integrative training and tools to prevent and rehabilitate injuries, improve the mind-body connection, and have more fun with every move.

You'll feel right at home with MuveSpace if:
  • You want to improve your movement to enhance your activities.
  • You enjoy learning about your body and mind rather than simply "working out."
  • You wish to overcome nagging pains or old injuries.
  • You are a dancer, martial artist or everyday athlete and seek functional strength that won't make you stiff, or increased flexibility with less risk for injuries.
This may NOT be the best program for you if:
  • Your primary goal is weight-loss or lifting heavy.
  • You're expecting old-fashioned, isolated strength training.
  • You're not interested in exploring how your mental and emotional states are showing up in your body.
  • You're not into community-driven support and participation.

MuveSpace simplifies the noise by focusing on your relationship with movement.

Your MuveSpace Community.

Our heart beats through community. We are committed to fostering your relationship with movement while supporting each other. Together, we are more resilient and cohesive. 

MuveSpace Community is our virtual community. Here is where you can attend live classes and workshops, exclusive events with guest appearances, practice with all our recorded replays, and engage with a supportive community of MuveSpacers. 

Everyone with a MuveSpace Membership can enjoy MuveSpace Community any time, anywhere.

With MuveSpace Membership, you can:
  • Join 6+ virtual classes every week with expert instructors and make this your best year of movement!
  • Participate in MuveSpace exclusive events with special guests to expand your experience.
  • Get unlimited access to hundreds of recorded classes and MuveSpace Community resources.
  • Enjoy MuveSpace Community anywhere online or through our mobile app.

Everyone can try MuveSpace Community with a 1-week trial when you sign up for MuveSpace Membership. During the trial, you'll have unlimited access as a member. You can cancel any time during your trial with no charge! (or cancel anytime after your trial with no commitment necessary)

More MuveSpace!

We believe in making movement education accessible to everyone. If joining MuveSpace Community isn't right for you at this time, here are other ways you can enjoy MuveSpace: 

  • Newsletter - You're invited to subscribe to our email newsletter. You'll get perspective, curated resources, and exciting tidbits from the MuveSpace pipeline. It's a slice of good in your inbox every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month.
  • - Our website has information, products, events, and content. This is also the best way to get in touch with us outside of MuveSpace Community.
  • MuveSpace Library - This page of our website has movement resources free to everyone. We update over time with a variety of content including video, audio, and written formats.

For questions, inquiries, or even if you'd just like to say hello, please feel free to drop us a line! Our website has our contact email at the bottom and you'll always get a human talking to you.

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